This is definitely something I’ve had to learn more recently what with my job change. There were many reasons why I decided to change job and one of them was so I could travel more! So many of my friends live far away that I would need to take a plane to go see them or travel the length of the uk. However, due to my last job I always had to choose what trips I could do a year in advance of when I wanted to take them. Plus I could only take one trip like that a year because I had a limited amount of holiday from work. Reading this again it sounds like I’m whining a lot when others might not always get these chances. To be fair I always had to work extra shifts which sometimes turned into double shifts to save up for these holidays. I would normally have to do the shifts people didn’t want or beg for extra hours as soon as they became available.

The most recent adventure I really got to trial this self employment and travelling was going to Canada for a couple of months. I’ve Never spent this much time away from home yet alone trying to figure out what I would need to take to work while in Canada. First thing I knew I would need is a laptop that could cope with editing videos, recording if I wanted to and live streaming. Daunting task in itself because honestly there are so many brands and so many parts that go into laptop hunting it’s mind blowing. More like overwhelming! After going through lots of reviews and talking to friends that already have laptops. I managed to settle on two brands which were MSI and Asus. Being honest here, took me a long time of uming and head scratching to get to this point! So I knew what brand, but now I had to decide on model and what I wanted in my laptop to cope with what I needed. I narrowed down the graphics card I wanted and processor. From there I had to figure out what models had the parts I wanted. Next stop, to the YouTube-mobile! I searched endlessly with video reviews seeing pros and cons and weighed my options between that and pricing. It’s a lot of money for you to put down on something if you’re really not happy with it, so I took time to really mull it over. It’s important so don’t make a rash decision! For me my decision had to come a little quicker than I would of liked because one of the laptops I wanted was on offer. Like a really really good offer! I was like DAYUUM I think it’s a good time to get a laptop. It was a good thing I did because I haven’t seen it on offer since like that!

Anyways now that the laptop was bought, it works with everything I needed it to. The next part was travelling with all my gear. That was a little difficult due to the weight and extra things I had to bring. Hard drive, microphone, headphones, mouse, the new laptop (which was a little heavier than my previous one), the power pack for the laptop of course! Small price to pay when you’re your own boss. Must admit traveling with extra equipment on a boat, coach, walking around the airport and a plane was starting to hurt.

I don’t know about you but having a temporary set up for work can be weird. I always like to be organised, but having to work in a new area with my laptop was so foreign to me. Wires everywhere, new distractions, not being at home, having a different routine. A lot of these made me feel unproductive and unorganised. Not the kind of working environment you want when you have tons and tons of work to do! It’s been rough to get into work again with all these new distractions and differences, but the best thing I’ve done since I got here was forcing myself to get into a routine. It’s made a difference including changing part of my set up to make it more cosy and like home. Might be small things but it can help so much for when your mind is scattered and unproductive.

I’m at the end of my CRAZY two month trip and what have I learned? The biggest one would be not to buy too many things while on holiday, because then you forget you can’t fit it in the suitcase to go back. I know it’s not a working while travelling deal, but equally important. As I’m finding out now! Welp! I think I need another suitcase! Setting this aside it has been an interesting experience and now I know, I can work no matter where I travel.