Earlier this year I took a huge scary step and became self employed. Oh my gosh! It’s something I had dreamed about for years, to be working more on my own terms. I never thought that starting YouTube would lead me to be able to have this opportunity, to take this chance. Well guess what it did! I became a video editor for other YouTubers and I am so thankful.

I used to work in a supermarket and for over 6 years there was little in the way of promotions being achievable. I worked on the tills and for at least half of my time working there that’s what I did. It was dull and repetitive. My regular customers were so sweet though and we’d talk more like friends. Those were the best parts about working on the till. After time I was able to move departments and work on the customer service desk and kiosk. Must admit there are some stories from when I worked there I want to share with you but, for another time. My confidence grew so much more and I became more me which was great. The friends I made at work were amazing and they made it worthwhile going to work. Slowly but surely my work place was getting worse though and colleagues that had worked there for years were struggling with the changes. I felt some of my lowest feelings while working there; the bosses didn’t care and there were favourites. I didn’t feel appreciated, like I was some number to them, not a person. I had been looking for a different job for a while but where I live there’s so many people applying for just one job it’s more difficult.

Eventually after reaching out for a little while on my twitter, I received an offer from two people to video edit for them. That’s when I had to make the decision to completely give up my stable job to be self employed. Scary I know! I was in school, higher education and then went straight into this supermarket job. So it’s all I’ve ever really done/known besides a little work experience. I was hoping to possibly edit part time to see if I liked it before diving head first into it. However, the YouTubers that needed an editor came as a pair and there was no way I could work my full time hours at the supermarket and edit two videos daily. Plus you know, doing other projects and daily life stuff. I was nervous and anxious to know if this would be the right decision for me. However, I had been waiting for an opportunity like this to come along for a while so I took the plunge.

I didn’t take a course, I didn’t learn how to edit videos in school, I taught myself. There have been many ways I have learned how to edit. Trial and error is a huge one and can be the most fun and frustrating! Videos on YouTube is a great way for learning no matter what you’re seeking; especially if you are just starting out it’s nice to have a visual aid. A simple search on the internet and so many websites pop up with useful tips, tutorials and forums. My friends have also been a great help with sharing their knowledge and I with them.

I used to think back in school I had to go to university, take courses to learn what I needed for the real world. I have met so many people online that have changed my opinion on that! I’ve met artists, voice actors, video editors, music artists and the list goes on. So if you’re dedicated and motivated you can do it!

The other part of becoming self employed isn’t just about taking the step to leave your current job. It’s also not just about learning the skills you’ll need to be self sufficient. It’s about the useful things you don’t end up learning in school. Maybe you’re wondering what I’m meaning exactly. Well taxes for instance. The really useful stuff we need in life. So guess what? I’m learning it all now!

How do I feel right at this moment? Now that I’ve taken the plunge into becoming self employed. Great honestly. It was time for a fresh start with my career. I won’t lie to you there’s definitely days where I don’t feel motivated at all and I would much rather be a couch potato or playing games. However, being my own boss and deciding when I want to travel, take time for myself, spending time with friends and family, I’m so grateful.